Yoda 1Yoda 2Hi its Zooey here “PLEASE FOLLOW” !!!!!!!!!! i’m going to talk to you about cats.

my cat Yoda is a very silly cat. when he sees his reflection he scratches it with his paws, and he’s very very very sleepy. And he purrs a lot and sleeps on my feet and bites my feet, he’s very naughty. So I’m going to tell him “Be Cuuuuuute!” Oh, and he’s very greedy! Sometimes I do a Yoda Quiz and ask him questions and he nods.


Imageas you can see i am wearing a football top (that’s too small because i’ve had it for FOUR years) and shorts and shoes that don’t match but  i’m at gym camp all week and they make us run around a field so i need clothes that don’t really sweat and  MY NEW PUMAS for my sore heel. i really wanted grey and white and it took me ages to find them but mostly I love that they are sued!




Imagei gotthese (with my own money) because i like the braces hanging down because i watch a tv show called Austin and Ally and there’s a person called Des whos stupid and funny and he has braces hanging down. i like the top with the roll up sleeves too and think they go together well.

these are trendy because they are just new but my mum says they are from the “80’s.”  i wasnt around then.i like the stripes and roll-up bottoms. tomorrow is SATURDAY SPECIAL!